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jAlbum 14.1 Publisher's Description

This gallery software makes web albums of your digital images. JAlbum aims to be the easiest to use and most powerful tool in this category - and free!
With JAlbum, no extra software is needed to view the albums, -just your web browser. Unlike "server side" album scripts, JAlbum albums can be served from a plain web server without scripting support. You can also share your albums on CD-ROM.
JAlbum runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and others and speaks 30 languages. Today JAlbum is mentioned over 6.000.000 times on the Internet (Google/Altavista) and its site has over 11000 visitors per day and a live community. I hope you find it your tool of choice for sharing images.
JAlbum is written after numerous disappointments with existing album software. With JAlbum you have full control of the look of the generated album, not just color theme and basic layout, still making an album is just a matter of drag and drop + a button click if you prefer to use one of the many existing looks. JAlbum will process your images, make index pages and slide show pages and even upload the final album to the Internet for your friends to see.

JAlbum 7.1 updates has been released:

* New skin installer. Simply drag and drop skin files (zipped skin folders) on the skin selector of JAlbum to install a skin. You can also double click .jaskin files to install the contained skins.
* The publish window now allows you to show the full server directory tree so you can publish albums to directories that are outside your sftp home directory.
* File name labels in the thumbnail view are now left justifed instead of centered. (The complete file name is visible as a tooltip when hovering the mouse over the label)
* JAlbum can now restore settings that the layout hints changed when switching skin (leaving settings that have been manually set)
* The "View Album"-button has been added to the main interface again.
* Improved notification upon album build completion if JAlbum has been hidden while building. Windows flash start menu, Mac bounce dock icon.
* Local Path in Share has been made editable so that it's possible to manually move shares.
* New Mac program icons (folders, projects and skinpacks).
* Publish window now accepting F5 keyboard shortcut to refresh the folder tree
* The library for secure ftp support (jsch) updated from 0.1.24 to 0.1.32
* The native Windows version should support Windows Vista now (update to compiler/packager)
* The native Windows version is now bundled with a compiled Java 1.5.0_11 instead of 1.5.0_09
* Catalan language added. Thank you Pau Plana i Salesas
* Several languages updated. Thank you all translators!
* Bundled skin Chameleon updated to v4.0.3
* Bundled skin BananAlbum updated to v5.1

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